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Out of Time: An Immersive 24 Play Festival

This weekend, I along with 30+ artists will be presenting the annual Out of Time 24-Hour Play Festival at The Barrens Theatre Company. Here's a little bit of information about the show. We hope to see you there!

Out of Time:The Unknown is a 24 hour immersive theatre festival. What a mouthful - what does it mean? Essentially - 48 artists will have 24 hours to meet, team up, pick challenges and prompts, write, rehearse, and present new immersive work! There will be 10 plays, 4 one-on-ones, 60 audiences members, and endless possibilities. Step into The Unknown - there’s no telling what you’ll see.

February 22nd | 8 pm

GCE Lab School

1535 N Dayton St #8054

Chicago, IL 60642

Tickets sold at the door

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