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'THE PLUNGE' in New York Debut


Hopefully this cold, rainy Spring has seen its last days, because the hot summer of theatre is upon us. Be sure to catch me at Haven Theatre this July and August on the production of Guillermo Calderon's KISS!

Also in July, we're producing my short play The Plunge at The Secret Theatre off-off-Broadway! Be sure to catch us in NYC as we compete in the LIC One-Act Festival through August.

Thank you all for your support and following my work. I hope to see you this summer!

In The Plunge, Sofia thinks her roommate's recently clogged toilet is a borderline hate-crime, but her boyfriend Mark sees it as a learning opportunity. The Plunge explores what happens to couples when other peoples' shit gets in their way.

Introducing the Cast and Creative Team:

The Plunge by Mitchell J. Ward

Directed by Aubrey Mann


Shane Zimmerman (Mark)

Christine Zang (Sofia)

Christine Fang
Aubrey Mann (Director)

Shane Zimmerman (Mark)

Left Top: Christine Fang, Left Bottom: Shane Zimmerman, Right: Aubrey Mann




-Old Ringers, A comedy directed by Mitchell J. Ward and written by Joe Simonelli. Nov. 2 - 16 at the 2nd Act Players in Chicago

-Halloween 2019

-The Open Concept participates in Climate Change Theatre Action 2019


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