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A Train You Won't Want to Get Off

Train to Buson, a 2016 South Korean zombie thriller by director Zeon Sang-ho, was unfamiliar to me as many of the titles my guy friend John Denny brings to my sap headed attention. At first mention of its contents, I was disinterested. I am not much of an Evil Dead fan nor do I spend my nights bingeing Netflix episodes of The Walking Dead. But, John insisted further that this movie was being pegged in the States as one of the scariest of the year, and thought hooked me.

In the end, this zombie flick induced in me an unexpected reaction; it brought me to tears. True to norm, the Korean style was one of high-drama, but here we fall in love with the characters so deeply that it truly brings pain upon our hearts when we see them torn to shreds by hungry, un-dead choppers. It also induces nausea as one would expect.

While Train to Buson rewards its audience with standard genre staples - a team of baseball players crushing brain-dead skulls with Sluggers and CGI flesh-eaters tearing into the necks of unassuming defenders - it excels in its ability to develop endearing characters and sell an engaging theme.

Be advised; this one is not a story that will leave you cheeks dry.

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