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You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

Music and Lyrics by Clark Gesner

Stage Right Performing Arts | Fall 2016

Ward staged Charlie Brown with ambitious blend of spectacle and efficiency. This episodic, nostalgia inducing musical, which lends its wit and humor to small, cartoon children dealing with everyday problems with adult states of mind, was treated with a psychical, slapstick style. Ward pushed his young actors (A high school cast and a middle school cast) far beyond the page to physically manifest the humor into pratfalls, stage punches, and in the case of the Flying Ace, creating lift and turbulence with their bodies. Ward answered the rapid firing of gags in the script with largely representational staging and mimery. The show was a lesson to the actors and audience members that everybody sucks but attitude is everything.

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*Due to the young ages of the performers, their names will not listed here and they will not be tagged in photos.

Production Team

Artistic Director: Donna West

Executive Director: Scott West

Director: Mitchell J. Ward

Musical Director: Margo Mikkelson

Costume Designer: Austin Skibbie

Stage Manager: Aly Brooke

Lighting Mixer: Rachael Carney

Sound Engineer: Sean Weston

Set Construction: Olivia West, Grace Kingery,Mitchell J. Ward

"One of my favorite 2016 camp memories was when Mitch took the Charlie Brown cast outside to look at the moon. He talked about how that was the closest the moon had been to the Earth in a long time. He said something along the lines of, 'How you feel right now - is how you should feel in the song 'Happiness.''"

-Cast Member


"My favorite memory was in Charlie Brown when Mitch told us how to tell a joke. He told the joke and everyone laughed and started dancing around a we just had a dance break for an hour or so."

-Cast Member

"Being in the cast of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown was amazing, and I love everyone in the cast so much."

-Cast Member

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