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New & In-Progress!

Witch House

Genre: Dark History, Ancestry

     A 17th Century family builds a house in Salem, Massachusetts where they dream of a new life in a new world, but their legacy will be forever tainted when they play a sinister role in the execution of alleged witches. 

Full Length Plays


Cast: Genre: Adventure, Horror

     In a real abandoned amusement park in Wichita, Kansas, four teens break inside the rusted      gates for a night of adventurous mischief and hopefully the rekindling of a friendship. Yet,          innocent adventure turns swiftly to emanate danger, and the secrets of the past become            secrets no more.

Short Plays

Leave No Trace 

Cast: 3–4 Genre: horror, mystery/thriller, radio play

               Hoping to escape the chaos of the city, three friends disappear into the serenity of the                    wilderness. While they fret over mysterious noises in the trees and the possibility of a                    bear attack, little do they know they ARE being stalked… but not by animals.

The Plunge

Cast: Genre: Romantic Comedy, Dark Comedy

Sofia thinks her roommate's recently clogged toilet is a borderline hate-crime, but her boyfriend Mark sees it as a learning opportunity. The Plunge explores what happens to couples when other peoples' shit gets in their way.


Cast: Genre: Dark Comedy, Experimental

Three dead bodies in a cemetery discover a newly erected tombstone and seek to learn who will be joining them in the grave forever.



Gender: Female: Genre: Comedy, Christmas

     While dressing to meet her boyfriend's parents, a young woman reveals the trauma she              experienced growing up with a nudist father. 

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