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Witch House

Writing In-Progress by 
Mitchell Ward

Exhumus: Dark history, True Crime

 A 17th Century family builds a house in Salem, Massachusetts where they dream of a new life in a new world, but their legacy will be forever tainted when they play a sinister role in the execution of alleged witches. 

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When I began diving head first into my family ancestry is was due to the discovery of my brother Spencer that we descended from a witch in Salem but also a noteworthy witch-killer. Years have passed and I've discovered more about our history and place in America than I ever knew was possible. I've traveled across New England as well as the states of Illinois and Kansas in search of the answer to one question; what remains of that family 300 years ago who, on the spark of Anglo-American history on this continent, committed the most unspeakable acts? 

In the Witch House series I'm attempting to bring those stories to life once again as a collection my family can hold onto for future generations and for the interest of morbidly curious readers who crane to know what really happened in Salem, Mass in 1692. 

Charter Street Cemetery at Night (2), Salem, MA. Dec 27, 2021. Photographed by Mitchell Wa
Mitchell Ward in the foundation of the old Salem Village parsonage, 2022. Photo by Daniell
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