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The Shape of Things

By Neil LaBute

Purple Masque Theatre   Spring 2016

Ward's production stood out as a minimalist take of LaBute's infamously dark comedy; featuring a multi-level set and utilizing blocks for the creation of ten differing scene locales.The take was introspective. The actors and design team were all students of Kansas State University, being the same age as the characters of the play and in the same environment. If LaBute was cruel to relationships in the text, Ward was duly critical on the stage. The pre-show featured a staged 'marriage proposal' in the audience. Each night the theatre-goers would be third parties to a beautiful gesture of love, then watch a play unfold that would rip that away from them.

See more production photos in Gallery.


Trace Campbell  (Adam)

Victoria Everett  (Evelyn)

Clay Massingill  (Phillip)

Brooke Merriam  (Jenny)

Production Team

Assistant LD: Evan Brittain

Assistant SD: Liberty Kalin

Assistant SM: Donovan Watts

Technical Director: Ken Stark

Sound Design: Blake Cordell

Costume Design: Kelsi Briggs

Lighting Design: Mason Gates

Scenic Design: Breann Davis

Stage Manager: Chase Rossman

Director: Mitchell J. Ward

"Excellent show! ...really engaged the audience quite directly. I found myself right with the characters on stage, reacting with strong feelings of sympathy, vitriol, etc. And the well-cast actors really met the challenges of carrying the substantial and edgy script..."

-Dr. Kurt Gartner | K-State


"Clear story and honest performances. Strong reactions from the crowd tonight.

Kudos to (Mitch), the cast and crew."

-David Mackay | K-State

"...Remember that proposal before the play proper began? The audience is prepared for the climax, and yet for first timers it will come as a surprise... ...Ward's production had a lot going for it..."

G.W. Clift | Manhattan Mercury

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