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Miscellaneous Projects


Here is a look into the various projects directed by Ward during his Undergraduate studies at K-State as well as small projects in the Kansas City area.  These projects include several Playwright Festivals, 24-Hour Play Festivals, and Lunchbag Theatre productions.


In Lunchbag Theatre, a school extracurricular that allows additional lab hours for students to workshop productions, Ward directed A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams and Completeness by Will Eno.


Ben Deghand as Stanley/Don

Cat Huck as Blanche/Lauren

Katherine Boulanger as Stella/

Cody O'Hare as Elliot

Sam Johnson as Harold Mitchell

Production Team

Director: Mitchell J. Ward

Lighting Design: Katie Helmer

Sound Op: Lauren Brown, Cody LaCrone

See more production photos in Gallery.

The City Theatre of Independence hosted their 2017 annual Playwright Festival in the Kansas City suburb of Independence, Missouri. Ward directed a new, ten-minute play entitled Post Nora Stress Disorder by Hal Corley. This play is a spin-off of the famous works of the late Norwegian playwright, Henrick Ibsen.


Matthew Hentges as Mr. Helmer

Larry Morris as Dr. Solness

Production Team

Director: Mitchell J. Ward

Playwright: Hal Corley

Stage Manager: Joyce Stone

Festival Coordinator: Ernest Williams

See more production photos in Gallery.

Outdoor Playbox Theatre (Formerly entitled Theatre Alfresco) began as a way for theatre students at K-State to remain actively engaged in reading plays and performing during the less-active summer months in Manhattan, Kansas. Founded by Mitch and a few of his friends, this small project grew to be one of the most rewarding parts of his collegiate career. Every Sunday, students would read, cast, and perform selected plays in just one day, and every play was performed out doors in one of Manhattan's several outdoor theatres. Some of the plays performed include Neil Simon's The Star Spangled Girl, John Cariani's Almost, Maine, and Roberts Askin's Hand to God.


Cory Jennett

Joseph Sheppard

Danielle Levings

Angelica McKinnis

Clay Massingill

Mark Young

Drew George

Codie Van Meter

Mitchell J. Ward

See more production photos in Gallery.

24-Hour Play Festivals at Kansas State were fun and engaging ways to create new plays in a very short amount of time. Students were assigned tasks of writing, directing, and acting in ten-minute plays created and performed all within a 24-hour time span.


Darrington Clark

Ben Deghand

Chris Daniels

Sam Johnson

Alicia Monceaux

Clay Massingill

Elizabeth Cook

Mallory Diekmann

Mark Young

Willy Evans

See more production photos in Gallery.

Desperate Acts opens July 23rd at Just Off Broadway! Come support The Kansas City Fringe Festival!


By Mitchell J. Ward

"While the play and content is entertaining, it is the professionalism of the four actors that excel and make the pieces stand out."

       -Bob Evans for the KC Fringe Festival

Three dead bodies in a cemetery discover a newly erected tombstone and seek to learn who     will be joining them in the grave forever.

Production History: 

The Bell Road Barn Players, Playwright Festival, 2017


Finalist, Playwright Festival, 2017, The Bell Road Barn Players

Genre: Horror, Mystery/Thriller, Comedy, Avant-Garde

Length: Short

Cast Size: 3 (Gender Non-Specific)

Age Range: 18-30

See more production photos in Gallery.


By Mitchell J. Ward

While dressing to meet her boyfriend's parents, a young woman reveals the trauma she experienced growing up with a nudist father.

Development History: 

Naked was developed in conjunction with the Bell Road Barn Players for the 2018 'Awkward Christmas Photos' collection of monologues.

Production History: 

Kansas City, Bell Road Barn Players, December 2018

Genre: Holiday, Coming of Age, Comedy

Length Monologue

Cast Size: 1 (Woman)

Age Level: 16 and up

"This little holiday monologue does a great job painting a picture for its reader/audience and building the story as you go. The partner and situation are clear, Daisy's voice is fun and interesting, and by the end, you know that the inevitable is coming."

Lainie Vansant | Dramaturg

"It went great! Karen was very funny and great to work with, and we kept finding fun moments in the monologue. The audiences really enjoyed it!"

Erin Brown | Director


See more production photos in Gallery.

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