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Old Ringers

By Joe Simonelli

Debra Rodkin & Valerie Gorman
2nd Act Players - Fall 2019
Kathy Ann (Edit).JPG


Camille Oswald  (Amanda)

Julie Mitre  (Diane)

Debra Rodkin  (Verna)

Sandy Gulliver  (Kathy Ann)

Valerie Gorman  (Rose)

John Frank  (Harry)

Ryan Hall  (Tony)

Production Team

Assistant Director: Carolyn Frank

Intimacy: Sophia Sinsheimer

Costuming: Carolyn Frank

Lighting Consultation: Ruth Hudson

Stage Manager: Kathryn McNall

Director: Mitchell J. Ward

Diane on Phone (Edit).JPG
Diane & Harry Sparring (Edit).JPG
Diane & Harry (Edit).JPG
Diane (Edit).JPG
Cowboy Harry (Edit).JPG
Amanda & Tony Kissing (Edit).JPG
(Drunk Amanda (Edit).JPG

Photos: Jerry Alt

Four Senior women amid intense economic struggles must find a more creative way to earn a decent income. For its sold-out run, Ward's production, placed in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, is unrelentingly humorous. 

"We all agreed early on that this was an opportunity to truly represent the performance range of older actors," Ward says. Watching these women jump around the stage, cracking whips and wearing sexy lingerie, you definitely forget the grandmothers you've seen them play in more traditional plays. 

"Darling. Funny. Truthful. Loved seeing seniors. I'm one."

-Theatre Goer​


See more production photos in Gallery.

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