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By Mitchell J. Ward

 In a real abandoned amusement park in Wichita, Kansas, four teens break inside the rusted      gates for a night of adventurous mischief and hopefully the rekindling of a friendship. Yet,          innocent adventure turns swiftly to emanate danger, and the secrets of the past become            secrets no more.

Development History: 

Stage Reading, University of Central Missouri, 2018

Production History: 

Kansas City Fringe Festival, WMC Productions, 2017


Winner, Best of Fringe at the Westport Coffee House, Kansas City Fringe Festival, 2017

Semi-Finalist, Headwaters New Play Program, Creede Repertory Theatre, 2019

Genre: Adventure, Horror, Immersive, Mystery/Thriller, Tragedy

Length: Full-Length

Cast Size: 4 (2 Men, 2 Women)

Age Level: 16 and up

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"The story is inspired by the sort of legends that crop up around such places, and dutifully follows the usual story beats. Good use of sound and lighting direction definitely adds to the suspense, and the ending has a satisfactory quality to it. We don’t get many horror plays, as a rule, so fans of the genre will want to be sure and catch this one. 

Kelly Luck | Fringe Reviewer


"It was a HIT!.. ...It really is the perfect show to do as a staged reading. It’s so dialogue dependent, with such rich/clearly established characters"

Emily Bridges | Director 

"A little monologue heavy, and some of the dialogue goes “clunk” in the night, but this premiere takes a good stab at bringing a thriller to the stage."

Teresa Leggard | Fringe Reviewer

"Good show. Very talented cast, who delivered some heavy material well. Good script about a (creepy) real-life place some of us may remember going to as kids!"

John Adams

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