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Graceland Cemetery Audio Tour

The Graceland Audio Tour by Exhumus is an immersive individual experience at one of the most visited and influential collections of human graves in the world. Travel to stunning architectural wonders, enjoy the peace and serenity of the outdoors, and learn about the history of Chicago; the greatest city in the world.


The audio tour is approximately 1 hour in length but is designed to be experienced at your own pace. The tour is formatted in a scavenger hunt style, where stops are found using directions on the audio tracks. There is also a map that guests might find useful in navigating the large cemetery.


The guided tour gives a broad overview of the cemetery, providing information on a variety of topics including ghosts, nature, famous graves, and impressive monument designs. While it is not your one-stop shop for all notable sights at Graceland Cemetery, it is a supplement to other tours and information you can find at the cemetery visitors’ center.


Remember to wear appropriate footwear for hiking on and off pavement. The tour distance is approximately 1.5 miles (2.6 kilometers). Check the weather before departing to dress appropriately. Bathrooms can be found at the visitor's center (Bathrooms and all buildings are closed during the Coronavirus pandemic – Call ahead to confirm). Free public parking is located on the right behind the visitors' center near the entrance to the cemetery at the intersection of Clark St & Irving Park Rd. The tour will start at the cemetery entrance. The cemetery is generally open for visitors 365 days out of the year from 9am – 4pm. Consult the cemetery website for additional details:


The Graceland Cemetery Audio Tour is free to enjoy, though $5 donations are encouraged. Headphones are also encouraged. Enjoy!


Venmo: @Mitchell-Ward-5


Chapel, Graceland Cemetery, Photo by Mad
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