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Leave No Trace

Mitchell Ward


Kansas State University
K-State Theatre Works Podcast, Fall 2020
Hoping to escape the chaos of the city, three friends disappear into the serenity of the wilderness. While they fret over mysterious noises in the trees and the possibility of a bear attack, little do they know they ARE being stalked… but not by animals.

In 2020, 'Leave No Trace' was featured as part of the K-State Theatre Works podcast series, Tales of the Weird and Unusual. In this series, current university students performed five audio plays written by K-State theatre alumni. 

"In the woods, it's the humans who are the scary ones."

'Leave No Trace' by Mitchell Ward

Production Team

Playwright: Mitchell Ward


Director: Chuck Leonard

Stage Manager: Kaylee Warren

Assistant Stage Manager: Rylie Wood

Sound Engineer/Editor: James K. Davis

Dramaturg: Dylan Foster


Podcast Hosts: Ceslie Parker-Waller, Brett Boline

Emily: Lindsey Edwards

Garett: Brett Boline

Xavier: Michael Pierce

"This is a fun piece."

-Chuck Leonard, Director

Genre: Horror, Mystery/Thriller, Radio Play

Length: Short, Ten-Minute

Cast Size: 3 to 4 (1 w, 2 m)

Age Level: 18 and up

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