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Hansel & Gretel

Engelbert Humperdinck, Adelheid Wette


Kansas State University
McCain Auditorium, Spring 2015
In this classic opera based on the Brothers Grimm fairytale, Hansel and Gretel disobey their parents by ignoring their daily chores and playing all day. When their mother returns, she sends them into the woods, warning them not to return until they have filled their baskets with strawberries. The children get lost. Scared and lonely, they wander the woods until they come across a beautiful house decorated with candies and gingerbread and meet the woman who lives within

Production Team

Director: Dr. Reginald Pittman 

Stage Manager: Mitchell Ward

Music Director: Dr. David Littrell

Costume Designer: Dana Pinkston

Technical Director: Ben Stark

Lighting Designer: John Uthoff

Sound Designer: Drew Reisner

Scenic Designer: Kathy Voecks

Head of Props: Bethanie Bouray

Dance Coordinator: Julie Pentz


Hansel: Erin Koolman

Gretel: Ivy Calvert

Witch: Madison Moore

Father: Christian Blackburn

Mother: Anna Rider Gard

Dew Fairy: Sarah Stoulil

Sandman: Jackie Newland

Gingerbread Children: Diamond McNeil, Katie Bond, Tiffany Willbanks, Madison Boyer, Sharon Wilson, & Jackie Newland

Angel Dance Ensemble: Mary Wahlmeier, Kristin Chase, Ryan Moos, Paige Heinze, Tiffani Lawrence, Bailey Miller, Kelly Urschel, Jamie Teixeira, Bethany Parker, Madison Long, Lauren Butz, Grace Pierson, Carolyn Fitzgibbons, Alexis Nelson, & Mary Abounabhan

Photos by K-State Theatre

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