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Walls Suck

Em Swenson


Unicorn Theatre - Kansas City Fringe Festival
Levin Stage, Summer 2017
Winner of the 'Best of Fringe' for the Levin Stage at the Unicorn Theatre, Walls Suck's world premiere told the story of four lovers and their search for mutual happiness.

Meet Andi, a warm-hearted artist in a long-term, polyamorous relationship with two men. This loving thruple lives together, faces the world together, and sometimes argues about whether Beyonce is a true feminist. When Andi wants to invite her girlfriend into the mix, we see even the most open-minded triad can trip over walls of their own making. Can this relationship survive with a fourth? Walls Suck explores the inner-workings of a non-traditional relationship and asks ‘what the hell is normal anyway? 

"Walls Suck is psychological, sexy, hilarious." 

-Robert Lee Brown - Fringe Reviewer


Laura Jacobs  (Brooke)

Vincent Wagner (Morgan)

Freddy Acevedo (Connor)

Casey Jane  (Andi)

"Script is funny and warm, with statements that provoke thought. Acting is honest and appealing, and staging maintains interest with natural movement. The production invites an open-minded appreciation of different people's needs and notions of relationship."

-Rebecca Dempsey - Stage Director

Production Team

Producers: Em Swenson, Mitchell Ward

Playwright: Em Swenson

Director: Mitchell Ward

Stage Manager: Tyler Boyer

"One of the best shows at Fringe!"

-Matthew Henrickson

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