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The Plunge

Mitchell Ward


Sofia thinks her roommate's recently clogged toilet is a borderline hate-crime, but her boyfriend Mark sees it as a learning opportunity. The Plunge explores what happens to couples when other peoples' shit gets in their way.

Development History: 

The Plunge was part of the stage reading, The Make Ready sponsored by Dandelion Theatre in Chicago, IL in 2019

Production History: 

The Plunge was produced off-off-Broadway as part of The Secret Theatre's LIC One-Act Festival in New York City. 

"I know I can’t trust you with all my feelings, so I guess I’ll have to go back to being more guarded. That’s okay. I’m used to that. But they aren’t yours to abuse anymore."

'The Plunge' by Mitchell Ward

Genre: Romance, Dark Comedy

Length Short, One-Act

Cast Size: 2 (1M,1F)

Age Level: 16 and up

"Did you wash your hands?"

'The Plunge' by Mitchell Ward

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