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The Addams Family

Marshall Brickman, Rick Elice, and Andrew Lippa

Stage Right Performing Arts | Fall 2017
*Winner: Best Scenic Design
              -Broadway (Non-Professional)

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The beauty of the Addams Family lies in the details. Each small, momentary appearance of a mouse eating plant or a giant squid along with the classic one-liners and character quirks of old creates a mosaic of kookiness that thrills an audience from overture to curtain. In educational theatre, the focus is always on the kids first. In lieu of rehearsing two separate casts, one with older High School students and the other with younger Middle School students and below, this production team strove to unite the various talents in all age groups and give the younger students a chance to learn from their older peers. "I am always most proud of how engaged students can be in ensemble work," Ward says, "It's natural to focus on the leads, but a show like AF needs to a strong ensemble. These kids embraced that."


*Due to the young ages of the performers, their names will not be listed here and they will not be tagged in photos.

Production Team

Artistic Director: Donna West

Executive Director: Scott West

Director: Mitchell J. Ward

Musical Director: Darrington Clark

Costume Designer: Aly Inglish

Stage Manager: Haley Knudson

Lighting Designer: Rachael Carney

Sound Designer: Justin Collet

Set/Prop Designer: Mitchell J. Ward

Projection Designer: Sadie Klein

"Mitchell is rare in that he can direct so passionately and so practically. His research, dedication, and involvement in his projects extends beyond a typical director's duty, but in the room he is succinct, uses his time effectively, and is generous in allowing the ideas of the cast to flourish."

                                         -Darrington Clark, Actor

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