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Welcome to my website! My name is Mitch. I'm a storyteller and historian who specializes in oral storytelling and live theatre. Really what I love is sharing true stories from our past, especially tales of humanities' darkest moments. I believe that there are real threats to our species and our planet, and I have found that knowing where we come from contributes a lot to helping us move forward. 
I live in Chicago, Illinois where I provide local ghost, architecture, and history tours. My play Joyland about teens who get trapped  in an abandoned Kansas amusement park,  won best of the Kansas City Fringe Festival. I am currently working on Witch House, a series of stories from Salem, Massachusetts where my family called home for two hundred years and where my ancestor, Jonathan Corwin, played a pivotal role in the executions of 19 women and men in 1692. 

When I'm not at my desk or giving tours, I am an avid outdoors person. In fact, my best stories can be heard around the campfire, in the middle of nowhere, with the woods closing in around us and a crisp autumn breeze chilling down our spines. I hope you can find me there. 

Mitchell J. Ward
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